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Nate Diaz Looking To Expose Overrated Fighters At Lightweight And Welterweight

UFC fighter Nate Diaz recently revived his career after going 1-3 in four lightweight appearances by moving up in weight to compete at 170 pounds. Since making the move, Diaz has won two fights in a row–a TKO over Rory Markham and a submission of Marcus Davis. Though he has had considerable success at welterweight, the younger of the fighting Diaz brothers still has plans on returning to lightweight, where he intends to take out fighters “that people think real highly of that I don’t think are that great.”

“I’m probably going to do both, including 155 pretty soon,” Diaz told recently. “I just want good fights. I want to fight the people everybody thinks highly of – people who are top contenders and people who are considered great rather than fighting people who are less heard of and lower in the rankings, whether it’s 155 or 170.”

Before he drops back to lightweight, Diaz must to take on Dong Hyun Kim. The two are scheduled to square off this Saturday at UFC 125: Resolution and Diaz knows he has his hands full.

“I think he’s not as popular as many other fighters, but he’s definitely a tough opponent,” Diaz said of Kim. “I think if he beats me, he’s got a lot more to win than I do from the fans’ point of view. In the UFC, fight-wise, he’s undefeated and has a good record, but a lot of people don’t know who he is. It’s going to be a tough fight, for sure. … He’s tall. He’s a big guy. He’s good at judo. I just have to be smart in the fight and get it done better than he does.”

The Stockton, California native told MMAJunkie that he plans on moving between weight classes after the bout with Kim in order to expose fighters he considers overrated.

“I don’t have any names, but top contenders at 155 and 170,” Diaz said. “I’ve got a handful. I’m not trying to make them more popular than they already are by saying their names, but they know who they are. I’ve got a handful with those guys. I’m hunting them, but they know who they are.”

UFC 125: Resolution takes place this Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.