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Marcus Davis Happy To Be The “Biggest 155’er On The Block”

UFC fighter Marcus “The Irish Hand Grenade” Davis will be making his lightweight debut this weekend against Jeremy “Lil’ Heathen” Stephens. Normally a welterweight, Davis revealed recently that he had been diagnosed with a digestive ailment which kept him weighing more than his body frame would normally allow and that, because he has changed his diet and undergone treatment for the illness, he will be able to fight at a weight class which better suits the 5’10” athlete.

In a recent interview published on, Davis explained that he is excited to own a distinctive size advantage over his other lightweight counterparts.

“People have been bugging me about it forever. Everybody’s been saying ‘you’re too short, you haven’t got the reach, why aren’t you fighting at lightweight?’ And I heard that all the time. And I was like, it might be because I walk around at 210, and cutting that 60 pounds might be kinda difficult. That’s like a small human child,” Davis explained. “So it just seemed impossible to me. And my whole UFC career, it’s like clockwork – every time I get on that scale five days before my fights at 170, I’m 185 pounds. I cut that 15 those last five days. I never thought it would be possible (to make 155). When people see me at that weigh-in, I think they’re gonna be really shocked. They’re gonna look at me and they’ll all freak out. Now I’m the biggest 155er on the block.”

Davis and Stephens will have their preliminary card bout aired live on ION Television prior to the UFC 125 pay-per-view broadcast. UFC 125 goes down at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada; don’t forget to check out’s live coverage of UFC 125 on fight night.