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Antonio McKee Expects To Have UFC Lightweight Belt By Year’s End

Many MMA fans may not be familiar with dominant lightweight fighter Antonio McKee. The 40-year old fighter holds a professional record of 25-3-2 and enters the UFC never having lost his Maximum Fighting Championships lightweight championship belt. He hasn’t lost a bout since 2003, but his decision-prone style kept him under the radar.

McKee has stated on multiple occasions that he fought to win and in a way which he would absorb the least amount of damage, as he felt his paychecks weren’t worth enough to get hurt over. After realizing that he would need to start finishing opponents in order to make it into the UFC, where the paychecks are substantially larger than the ones he was pulling in, McKee took out two opponents in a row in the first round.

The brash self-promoter is now set to make his UFC debut, against Jacob Volkmann this weekend at UFC 125, and told that this bout is just the first step on his way to the UFC lightweight championship–which he plans on owning by the end of next year.

“By the end of the year I should have the UFC [lightweight] belt,” said McKee. “I’ve got to get through [Jacob] Volkmann here, beat up Volkmann real quick, and after I get done with Volkmann they’ll think I’m serious and we can start moving forward and making progress.”

A dominant wrestler, McKee told MMAFighting that he doesn’t believe there is anything anyone in the UFC lightweight division can do to stop him from having his way with them in the cage.

“I’m just going to go out here and bust people’s faces open, that’s all,” McKee said. “I feel sad for the opponents, you know? I hope maybe they’ll just let me submit them, because I really don’t want to hurt them. What are they going to do, stop me from taking them down? Stop me from ground-and-pounding them? Stop me from hitting them with the elbows? Come on, you serious? Nobody’s going to stop McKee from doing that. I’ll do that when I need to and just hope they’re smart enough not to take too much face-bashing before they’re like, ‘McKee, go find an armbar please and get this over with.’ Because you know I ain’t looking for submissions; I’m looking to punish your face.”

McKee debuts this Saturday night on the preliminary card of UFC 125: Resolution, which goes down at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.