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Dana White: Fighters Who Talk Smack And Don’t Perform Get Cut spoke with UFC president Dana White yesterday following the UFC 125: Resolution pre-fight press conference about a number of subjects, including the announcement of Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell’s retirement and new UFC position as executive vice president of business development.

White also touched on the UFC’s contract termination policy, which has grown more strict with the influx of WEC fighters onto their roster.

“It’s a big fight for him, no doubt, and it’s a big fight for Thiago,” White said when asked if Brandon Vera is in danger of losing his job with a loss at UFC 125 this weekend. “Nobody wants to be in this sport and lose. Everybody wants to win. People always ask me, ‘Is this a do or die for this guy?’ Everybody’s gonna lose here and there. All I ask from guys is that you come out and you perform on Saturday night. I can’t stand the guys who come out and talk all the smack, ‘I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that,” and then go out and they don’t do anything,” White explains. “Those are the guys who are gonna get cut. The guys that stick around are the guys that go out and perform. I don’t see how [the Vera-Silva] fight isn’t a great fight. Brandon’s head is back, he’s very talented, well-rounded and Thiago Silva comes in to finish people.”

Watch the entire video below to hear White discuss Lidell’s retirement and a host of other issues.