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Chris Leben Looking To Prove He Can Be A Role Model

UFC middleweight fighter Chris Leben, who is currently scheduled to take on Brian Stann at UFC 125, has proven on more than one occasion his dedication as a martial artist and his toughness as a human being inside the Octagon, but the at-times troubled Oregonian often finds himself in plenty of sticky situations in the civilian world.

Leben has been in legal trouble before for driving under the influence and “The Crippler” recently was arrested on suspicion of DUI in his current home base of Oahu, Hawaii after crashing his truck. Speaking with recently, Leben spoke about what his arrest means to his position as a martial arts instructor at the Ultimate Fight School as well as how he plans to avoid debauchery in Las Vegas following his upcoming bout with Stann.

“I have a lot of kids at my gym who come from kind of the wrong side of the tracks, and they look to me, they listen to me,” Leben said. “I’ve turned a lot of kids around at Ultimate Fight School. I can relate to them; I’ve been there. My goal is to progress and be a better human being. And [given] my role as a coach, I would love to be on the show and show that.”

The fighter formerly known as “The Cat Smasher” told ESPN that his post-fight plans for UFC 125 include getting on a plane and getting as far from Las Vegas, and temptation, as soon he possibly can.

“My plan is to go to Vegas and go to work. I don’t have an after-party planned,” Leben said. “I’m not staying in Vegas. I told the folks at UFC that I want the first flight out of there. I know I’m human; I know I’ve made mistakes. That’s why, as soon as I’m done fighting, I’m getting on a red-eye plane. That will show people that Chris Leben is not this wild party guy who is out to cause trouble.”

Leben is set to take on Stann in the co-main event of UFC 125: Resolution, which will take place this January 1st, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.