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Frankie Edgar’s Boxing Coach Excited For Chance At Redemption At UFC 125

UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar continues to impress and prove his doubters wrong by looking a little sharper each time he fights and recently by racking up two seemingly improbably wins over MMA legend BJ Penn.

One of the keys to Edgar’s continual improvement is his boxing coach Mark Henry, whom he increased his time training under following his loss to Gray Maynard back in 2008. Henry, a former U.S. and Army boxing team member spoke with recently and discussed working with Edgar, their roots and what he would like to see in the Maynard rematch.

“What happened was before (the first) Gray Maynard fight we were only hooking up once a week. I hooked up with Frankie after his first pro fight and we used to only hook up like once a week maybe, and after he lost to Gray and I said I don’t know what you’ve been doing but you need to do more boxing, you need to go four days a week if you want to do this thing serious,” Henry told MMAWeekly. “You have the potential, we have to hook up at least four days a week. Since the Gray loss we hook up religiously three to four days a week and so it hasn’t always been about the evolution, it’s just been about putting in the time.”

Henry also revealed his personal stake in Edgar’s rematch with Maynard, pointing to his competitive nature as the reason why he would like to see Edgar defeat “The Bully” in a fight which he has wanted to see repeated since it first happened.

“We’re the kind of camp we really try to stay humble, but me personally I’ve kind of wanted this one ever since he lost,” Henry said. “I’m very competitive and you’d have to be crazy not to want a chance again at somebody you lost to. For me personally, I was always kind of hoping for this.”

Edgar will put his boxing skills to the test against Maynard this January 1st at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada in the main event of UFC 125: Resolution.