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Trash Talk Heats Up Between Wanderlei Silva And Chael Sonnen

UFC middleweight fighters Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva have been cultivating a rivalry for some time now, starting back when Silva called Sonnen out for comments he made during the promotion for his UFC 117 title fight against Anderson Silva that were generally negative towards the country of Brazil and some of its more notable fighters.

The two have traded verbal jabs in the public media since, but things have recently ramped up, due to “The Axe Murderer’s” recent recollection of a training session the two shared at the Xtreme Couture gym in Las Vegas.

“Sonnen, he’s more of a wrestler. I think that’s a good fight for me, too,” Silva said. “I trained with him one time at [Xtreme Couture] and I killed him there, you know? I think he’s a good opponent too. He’s tough.”

Sonnen took to his Twitter account recently to fire back at Silva, and offered a different take on their sparring session.

“You killed who? I was taking it easy on you,” he wrote. “Ya looked like Tammy Faye Baker. I went easy so that new face of yours wouldn’t fall off.”

The outspoken Oregonian then fired off several insulting posts at Silva (including lines like: You are a walking punchline. Go fight what’s left of Sakuraba in an alley behind a sushi place in Tokyo for 10 Yen apiece.), before warning the Brazilian MMA veteran not to engage him in a war of words.

“So a word to the UNWISE. DON’T TALK ABOUT ME. You don’t have the words, I DO,” Sonnen posted. “You just got burried. Now run along or I’ll do worse tomorrow.”

Silva and Sonnen were rumored to be in consideration for coaching positions on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter, but it appears as though Sonnen’s current six month suspension (of which he has roughly three months left to complete) would prevent him from cornering his fighters in the state of Nevada, where the show is taped. While Sonnen waits out his suspension, Silva is rehabbing a knee injury for which he recently underwent corrective surgery.