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Dana White Pays For Muay Thai Trainer’s Ailing Daughter’s Liver Transplant

UFC president Dana White’s generally brash personality belies the fact that he is one of the most altruistic figures on mixed martial arts.

Frequently handing out free tickets to fans and setting people up to meet their favorite fighters, White has endeared himself to a legion of MMA followers. According to a recent exchange on The Underground MMA forum, White has proven once again why he has almost as big a fan following as many of the sport’s most popular fighters.

Forum member Ben Pittsley posted about his recent experience training at Tiger Muay Thai, which included learning of one of the head trainer’s sick young daughter.

“I had the pleasure of training with Kru Nai and meeting his family….When I returned home I learned that his daughter needs a LIVER TRANSPLANT or will die….the doctors gave 4 weeks to live…..,” Pittsley wrote.

In a move that had some forum members questioning his tact, Pittsley made a direct appeal to White.

“Mr. DANA WHITE, If you are a true ambassador for the sport…..PAY FOR THIS SURGERY!!!,” he wrote, adding at the end of the post, “STEP UP Mr. WHITE…..please save a life.”

Shortly after this was posted, forum member and UFC employee saucylv33 wrote back, “Dana will pay for the remaining funds needed for the surgery.”

She assured later that White’s offer was “legit,” and Tiger Muay Thai associate/fighter Ray Elbe later posted: “Just received confirmation that Dana White is the reason for the season. Monday morning he will be having his assistant contact Grainne Farrell of Lotus Medical to make arrangements for the payment of the Liver transplant operation. Amazing. DFW you have no idea how many people’s prayers you answered with this random act of generosity.”

Truly a heartwarming story to prepare MMA fans for the holidays. Christmas has come early for the Nai family courtesy an unlikely source in Dana White, who committed an act of kindness that will certainly endear him at least partially to even his harshest detractors.