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WEC 53: Dominick Cruz Vs. Scott Jorgensen

Jorgensen walks to the cage unable to contain his smile, he looks calm and ready. Cruz also walks to the cage with a mile-wide grin on his face.

Round 1: They touch gloves to start it. Cruz looking to use his movement to keep Jorgensen guessing. He’s landing from odd angles and is constantly on the move. Cruz lands a serious combination and moves away before Jorgensen can answer. Cruz’s footwork is dictating the fight at this point, Jorgensen can’t figure out the angles. He goes for a takedown and holds Cruz around the back but Cruz avoids and they reset on the feet eventually. The story is the same on the feet so far, with Cruz using deft head and foot movement to keep Jorgensen off balance and guessing. Jorgensen is landing the occasional counter but Cruz is still dictating the standup, mixing kicks and angled punches to tag Jorgensen up. Jorgensen tries for a takedowen with twenty left and he gets it, briefly getting Cruz’s back before Cruz almost immediately reverses it and gets on top. scores the round 10-9 for Cruz

Round 2: Cruz lands a straight right to start it. Cruz uses footwork to baffle Jorgensen, who falls on the mat briefly after a blinding exchange. Cruz lands a nice uppercut-right hand combo. Again. Cruz using head movement to avoid Jorgensen’s attack and then firing back off of confusing angles. Cruz lands a takedown, he falls in Jorgenson’s guard. Cruz dropping elbows from the top. Jorgensen is pressed against the cage and Cruz is on top landing short strikes. Cruz is absolutely dominating this round, though he is bleeding from a round his right eye. He lands a nice flying knee and then presses Jorgensen to the cage. Jorgensen’s right eye swelling a bit. scores the round 10-9 for Cruz

Round 3: Cruz starts the round strong right away, landing punches off of angles. Cruz drops Jorgensen briefly with a right but he gets back to his feet. Cruz with strong leg kick. Cruz with a head kick. Then a leg kick off of a punch combo. Jorgensen with a body kick. Cruz is showing impressive head movement, slipping almost all of Jorgensen’s punches. He lands a knee to the body. Cruz lands a multiple punch combination. Jorgensen simply cannot find an answer for Cruz’s movement and angled attack. The champ’s foot work and head movement look better than ever. He lands a beautiful takedown with a little more than a moment to go. Jorgensen lands an impressive sweep and gets the champ’s back, but Cruz gets to his feet quickly. scores the round 10-9 for Cruz

Round 4: Cruz with a strong right hand that send the sweat flying to start it. He lands a takedown shortly after, falling in Jorgensen’s guard. Cruz is smothering from on top, landing short strikes. Jorgensen gets back to his feet eventually and then presses Cruz against the cage. Cruz quickly reverses, and then Jorgensen does the same. They break off of the cage. Cruz lands a leg kick. He tries for another flying knee that doesn’t land clean. Cruz hits a takedown and then passes almost immediately to half guard. Jorgensen looks to reverse but they get back to their feet. Cruz with a solid knee with a right hand to end the combo. Cruz avoids Jorgensen’s punches and then hits another takedown. scores the round 10-9 for Cruz

Round 5: Jorgensen looking to throw with more urgency but Cruz keeps his composure and fires back with combos of his own, avoiding most of Jorgensen’s shots with head movement as crisp as it was in the first round. Cruz with a nice knee to the body again. Jorgensen is moving forward and trying to land but Cruz is beating him to the punch and kick. Jorgensen tries for a takedown and eventually gets the champ down with a little over two minutes to go. Cruz gets back to his feet quickly. Cruz lands a powerful double leg. Cruz is in Jorgensen’s guard, peppering away with shots from the top. Jorgensen is trying to get back to his feet but Cruz is all over him. Cruz stands up and they end the round on their feet, with Cruz landing at will. scores the round 10-9 for Cruz

Dominick Cruz defeated Scott Jorgensen via unanimous decision (50-45 across the board)

Cruz earns the first ever UFC Featherweight Championship with his win. He pledges to hold his new belt for many defenses to come. He calls out Urijah Faber.