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WEC 53: Donald Cerrone Vs. Chris Horodecki

Round 1: Cerrone come out right away with a jab. As Bonnar points out, Cerrone has a serious height and reach advantage. Horodecki takes a low blow off of an inside leg kick. He is slightly cut between his right eye and nose. They touch gloves and restart. Cerrone with a body kick. Another. Cerrone using his reach well, he lands the takedown. He passes to mount but Horodecki scrambles out of it quickly. They are back to their feet. Cerrone with a leg kick, they exchange and clinch briefly. Cerrone lands a nice knee to the midsection as Horodecki moves in. Cerrone lands a nice uppercut on the way in. Cerrone lands a nice knee on Horodecki’s way in again. A nice leg kick from Cerrone, then a knee that is partially blocked. Horodecki tries for a nice leg trip that Cerrone scrambles out of. Cerrone tries to finish the exchange with a nice high kick that Horodecki avoids. Cerrone pulls guard but they get back to their feet shortly after. Cerrone with another takedown, he gets Horodecki’s back with ten to go. scores the round 10-9 for Cerrone

Round 2: Cerrone lands a jab tos tart it. Horodecki misses a high kic but Cerrone doesn’t follow him down. Horodecki gets a takedown but Cerrone rolls for an omoplata immediately. Then a triangle that Hordecki avoids. Cerrone is relentless off of his back though, and rolls for another triangle. Cerrone lets it go briefly but he cinches it back up. They fight for position for a bit, but Cerrone won’t let go of the submission. Horodecki taps.

Donald Cerrone defeated Chris Horodecki via submission (triangle) at 2:43 of Round 2.