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WEC 53: Bart Palaszewski Vs. Kamal Shalorus

Bruce Buffer announces the fighters to get things started, and the last WEC event is underway.

Round 1: THey touch gloves at the start of things. Palaszewski lands the first strike with a leg kick, but Shalorus fires back immediately with a punch combo. Shalorus lands a throw on Palaszewski and lands in his full guard, throwing ground and pound immediately. Shalorus is hammering away with body shots. Palaszewski is lokking to roll for an armbar but Shalrous smeels it from a mile away, stands up and reigns down some nasty body shots. Shalorus is throwing ground and pound with seriously bad intentions, but Palszewski doesn’t look to be hurt yet. Palszewski gets to his feet and they start trading again, with Palszewski landing with leg kicks. Shalrous returns with a thudding leg kick of his own, one to the inside follows. Shalorus ends the round landing a few leg kicks. scores the round 10-9 for Shalorus

Round 2: They start on the feet trading, with Palaszewski trying to land a high kick. Shalorus briefly catches a kick, but Palaszewski gets out of it. Palaszewski seems to be finding his rhythm, landing the cleaner punches in the combinations. Shalorus is throwing with serious force, but not landing with too much. Shalorus dives for a leg with around 1:30 to go and gets Palaszewski down. Shalorus presses Palaszewski against the cage, but Palaszewski gets to his feet and in Shalrous’ face. They end the round on their feet swinging. scores the round 10-9 for Shalorus

Round 3: Shalorus lands the early punches, but Palaszewski is hanging in there. The last round could possibly have gone to Palaszewski, but he likely needs the finish here to win the fight. Shalorus briefly gets him down but he gets back to his feet. Palaszewski lands a weak head kick. He follows up with a solid combination. Palszewski is starting to land more frequently. Shalorus looks for the takedown and Palszewski gives it up while looking for a guillotine that eventually fails. Shalorus is in Palaszewski’s guard; he passes to half guard. Palaszewski gets to his feet with a minute to go and lands a high kick, then a knee to the face. He’s trying to finish it here. Twenty to go and Palaszewski is breathing heavy. scores the round 10-10

Kamal Shalorus defeated Bart Palaszewski via split decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)