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Dana White Says Anderson Silva, GSP Have Cleaned Out Their Weight Classes

Following UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre’s stellar title defense against Josh Koscheck this weekend, discussions surrounding a superfight between he and UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva have grown much more prevalent. UFC President Dana White has long maintained that a fighter should clean out his respective division before being allowed to move up or down in weight to challenge for other belts. According to White’s comments at the UFC 124 post-fight presser, he believes that both men have done so and that a superfight is likely looming on the horizon.

“He [GSP] has cleaned out the division now. Georges St-Pierre has beaten everybody,” White said of the French-Canadian champion. “He lost to [Matt] Serra, but he came back and avenged it. That’s what it’s all about for me.”

GSP has discussed the superfight at length, saying that a move to middleweight would likely be a permanent one. Should St. Pierre make that move, White said that he will be fighting Silva for the middleweight title.

“If Georges said he was going to go to 185 and stay there, then it would be for the title,” he said. “It would be a superfight for the 185-pound title.”

White reiterated his stance that he doesn’t support champions moving up and down in weight until they have established their dominance in their respective weight classes.

“I don’t like guys fighting each other at different weights until they’ve done what those two have done, and they’ve [Silva and GSP] both done it… It’s hard to say no,” White said.

Do you think that Silva and St. Pierre have cleaned out their respective weight classes? Discuss in the comments section.