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Jorge Rivera’s Manager: Rivera Is Next For Michael Bisping, Not Demian Maia

Jorge Rivera is expecting to face UK middleweight standout Michael “The Count” Bisping this February 27th at UFC 127; both fighters have confirmed that the fight was in the works and they have even begun initial pre-fight trash talk. So it was that Rivera’s manager felt it necessary to respond to UFC 185-pounder Demian Maia’s recent indication to that the UFC is interested in pitting him against “The Count” for his next fight. Lex McMahon spoke with and assured that his client will be the next to stand opposite Bisping in the cage.

“Demian’s comments are misplaced,” McMahon said. “It’s Jorge’s fight. He’s going to carry the torch, and he’s going to take Bisping out.”

McMahon told MMAJunkie that the bout agreements have been signed by both men and that the next fight with Bisping is most certainly Rivera’s, but he took no issue with Maia’s comments.

“Maia is out there trying to promote a fight, and that’s fine,” he said. “I respect that. It’s what I do for my guys, but it’s Jorge’s fight. Period.”

Though Maia expressed interest in facing Bisping while speaking with Gracie Mag, McMahon said that Rivera would happily offer Maia a fight after he defeats “The Count.”

“If Maia wants to step up after Jorge beats Bisping, Jorge’s happy to fight him,” McMahaon said. “Jorge’s job is to put on exciting fights and to create an amazing experience for the fans while he does so. That’s his job, and he’s going to do it.”

Rivera and Bisping are expected to face off at UFC 127, which will be headlined by BJ Penn and Jon Fitch and will go down at the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia on February 27th.