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Video: Dana White Promises Nam Phan Win Bonus, Calls Decision “F—ing Crazy”

As noted earlier, UFC president Dana White arranged for Phan to be paid his contractual win bonus on top of his regular salary after his controversial loss to Leonard Garcia this past Saturday night. White’s most recent UFC 124 vlog shows footage of him approaching Phan after his loss to Garcia.

“If you never watched a fight in your entire f—ing life, you know who won that fight,” exclaimed White. “I don’t even know what to say to you… it’s f—ing crazy!”

Garcia earned a stunning and controversial split-decision victory over Nam Phan at The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale this past Saturday night, in a bout that most believe should have clearly went to Phan. The FightMetric report showed a clear win for Phan, although the judges didn’t see it that way. UFC announcer Joe Rogan noted that he felt Phan clearly won the bout during the post-fight interviews, and Garcia was put in the awkward decision of apologizing for the judges decision.

“You’re getting paid your win [bonus], you’re getting paid everything,” White told Phan. “You won the f—ing fight, you should get paid the win money!”

You can watch White’s interaction with Phan in his UFC 124 vlog below at the 4:50 mark: