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Jason Miller And Nick Diaz Will Not Be Fighting On January Strikeforce Card

It is being reported by that Jason “Mayhem” Miller has opted out of a fight with Cesar Gracie protege Nick Diaz at a catchweight of 178 pounds. It is pointed out in the article that Miller turned down the fight at that weight despite having competed at welterweight in the past.

It is also pointed out that Miller is willing to face Diaz at a catchweight of 183lbs., two pounds down from his normal weight class’ limit of 185lbs. Miller has repeatedly stated that he is physically unable to make the drop below 180lbs. and has not competed at 170lbs. since 2005; he has even competed as high as light heavyweight.

Regardless, an agreeable catchweight has not been reached by the two parties and Diaz will be facing a different opponent for this January’s Strikeforce card.

Diaz and Miller have been feuding publicly since the infamous Strikeforce: Nashville post-fight brawl that happened this past April. As Miller entered the cage after Shields defeated Dan Henderson to challenge him for a rematch, Shields’ Cesar Gracie teammates chose to use force in illustrating their disdain at Miller’s intrusion.

Diaz and Miller have both gone back and forth with public insults and allegedly got into a slight altercation backstage at Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Noons 2 this past October. Their feud will likely persist, but it doesn’t seem as though the two will be settling their differences in the cage anytime soon.