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Josh Barnett’s CSAC Licensing Hearing Continued

Both Chael Sonnen and Josh Barnett went before the California State Athletic Commission yesterday concerning failed performance enhancing drug tests. Sonnen’s sentence was reduced as it was revealed that his testosterone level was never above the allowed limit and that he had a long-standing condition which required testosterone replacement therapy; his appeared to be an issue of proper disclosure, not of cheating.

Barnett tested positive for the banned steroid Drostanolone during regular licensing procedures which, according to, could not result in a suspension but could and did result in the denial of Barnett’s license in the state of California.

He has appealed the license denial, but has had the appeal proceedings postponed four times since filing them for different reasons.

Yesterday, Barnett went before the CSAC with no legal representation in order to request a license renewal. The CSAC had other plans however, and were ready to present a case against Barnett for his failed test. Due to the miscommunication, Barnett was granted a continuance–which will take place at the next CSAC meeting in February. The Strikeforce heavyweight tweeted of the situation.

“I show up only to [reapply] and get ambushed by an assistant [attorney general] who has put together a case against me. Sweet,” he posted. “As if I would show up without my legal representation if I knew that was going to be the case!”