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Michael Johnson Looking To Draw On Athletic Experience, Greg Jackson Training To Win “TUF 12 Finale”

Last night, The Ultimate Fighter season 12 contestant Michael Johnson defeated Nam Phan to earn himself a spot in the finals. He will take on Jonathan Brookins this weekend to determine the winner of the season and has been training at Greg Jackson’s in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in preparation of the bout. released a video with the aim to acquaint people to Johnson.

“I was a three-time athlete in high school–wrestling, football and track,”Johnson said of his roots as a competitor. “A little bit of football in college, college wrestling and I made the transfer back in ’07 to full blown MMA.”

Johnson also explained his motivation to get involved in MMA, crediting a natural desire to compete and engage in combat as his main impetus to explore the sport.

“I love it. I’ve always been one of the kids to get in fights now and then. I just loved being one of the rough kids,” he said. “I was able to make that transition from taking my wrestling over to striking and working my way up to jiu-jitsu–because I’ve found that’s the weak part of my game. Once I was able to make that transition and have wrestling incorporated into my jiu-jitsu, it’s been working ever since.”

As with most that make the trek to Albuquerque to train with Greg Jackson and crew, Johnson gave a glowing report of his time spent with the renowned trainer.

“It’s great being here in Albuquerque. It’s just a high level of training and the altitude and everything–I can just tell I’m a better fighter since I’ve been down here.”

Johnson will be looking to implement the tools he has picked up while training with Greg Jackson this weekend in the main event of The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale, which will take place at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.