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Nate Marquardt: Dana White Is Right, I Need To Be More Aggressive

The world of MMA is never without its fair share of drama. The situation currently drawing the most eyes and ears is UFC President Dana White’s negative assessment of the Greg Jackson camp in the wake of Nate Marquardt’s uninspired defeat at the hands of Yushin Okami. White has chastised Marquardt for choking when it matters and criticized the Greg Jackson camp for what he perceives is a “safety-first” approach to fighting. Both Marquardt and Jackson have responded to White’s comments and though Jackson defended himself and his fighters against White’s harsh words, Marquardt chose to shoulder the blame himself.

“I stepped into the Octagon in Germany with every intention of beating Okami and fighting for the championship,” Marquardt told of his UFC 122 main event bout. “Unfortunately, I lost a hard fought decision. Yushin fought a heck of a fight, I give him a lot of credit, but the outcome of the fight is fully my responsibility, it was my fight to win.”

“The Great” explained to Fighters Only his initial reaction to hearing White’s comments, but then revealed that he agrees with the brash UFC boss and is going to attempt to revamp his approach to fighting as a result.

“After the fight and in recent days, Dana White has publicly criticized me for being a ‘choker’ and not being aggressive enough. While Dana’s comments were difficult to hear, I firmly believe that I am one of the best fighters in the world and will one day be the UFC middleweight champion,” said Marquardt. “However in hindsight Dana is right – in order to live up to my full potential and realize my championship dreams I need to be more aggressive and showcase my inherent killer instinct. I need to stalk my opponents, impose my will and finish fights on a consistent basis.”

What do you think of the Dana White-Greg Jackson camp drama saga? Who would you like to see Marquardt employ his newfound aggressiveness against next? Let us know what you think in the comments section.