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Dana White “Respects” Greg Jackson But Criticizes “Safety-First” Approach

UFC President Dana White has been very vocal lately in expressing his opinion of the renowned Greg Jackson camp, saying that most of the fighters produced by the camp choose to avoid risk in order to earn victories rather than put themselves in danger by looking for the finish. Speaking with CSN Washington recently, White elaborated his stance on the camp.

“I have a lot of respect for Greg Jackson,” White said. “It’s not like I don’t like him or I’m trying to say something bad about him, but there’s a pattern there. The game plans they come up with and a lot of the corner work is very weird.”

The latest example that White has been pointing to as evidence of the negative side Jackson’s tutelage is the recent title eliminator bout between Yushin Okami and Jackson-trained Nate Marquardt. Known for his ability to secure finishes both with strikes and submissions, Marquardt adopted a more conservative against Okami and it cost him a victory and an eventual shot at the title–White remains baffled as to why Marquardt’s corner did not push him to finish the fight.

“You’ll see guys who are traditionally exciting fighters, but when they go to the Greg Jackson camp they become safety first fighters,” White said. “Why wouldn’t you tell him ‘go for broke in this third round. This is a close fight.'”

Having always had a reputation for speaking his mind for good or ill, White explained to CSN Washington that he doesn’t expect his criticism to carry much weight. After all, he just signs the paychecks.

“At the end of the day, my opinion means nothing,” he said. “I’m not their corner man. I’m not the trainer. I’m just the promoter. I’m just being honest. There’s obviously some consistency there with the Jackson camp with the safety first.”

What do you think of Greg Jackson-trained fighters? Does White’s criticism hold water and is it his place to speak out in this regard? Sound off in the comments section.