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Seth Petruzelli Blames Mental Weakness For Poor UFC Showings

Seth Petruzelli, perhaps best known as the man who knocked out Kimbo Slice at the peak of his pre-UFC popularity, was released from the UFC after his latest stint in the promotion resulted in two straight losses. Speaking with recently, Petruzelli revealed that he believes his Octagon shortcomings to be the result of a mental weakness.

“No, it’s mental, it always has been mental,” Petruzelli said when asked if he was simply being outclassed by the competition in the UFC. “I do fine in the training room with top level guys. I guess I’m a mental midget with the UFC and the pressure it puts on me. Either that or I’m cursed… and I don’t believe in curses.”

Though he may not believe in curses, Petruzelli thinks he might know what it feels like to have one put upon him.

“I feel cursed and blessed at the same time. Blessed that I could do all those things when 99% of people can’t. And cursed cause I could never make anything happen when it really mattered in the UFC.”

Petruzelli has competed in the UFC on several different occasions, racking up a promotional record of 0-4. His overall record stands at 12-6.