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Josh Koscheck Plans On Hurting St. Pierre, Walking Away Victorious

Number one UFC welterweight contender Josh Koscheck will attempt to redeem himself against Georges St. Pierre and earn the UFC Welterweight Championship belt at the beginning of next month. The American Kickboxing Academy-trained fighter has prepared himself for what he believes will be the fight of his life and he actually looks at his 2007 decision loss to St. Pierre as an providing him with an advantage.

“This is the biggest fight of my life,” Koscheck said. “I think it gives me a huge advantage that I got to fight Georges St. Pierre early in my career. This time around Georges St. Pierre is gonna see a different fighter. He’s gonna see a fighter who has tenacity to come out and finish fights.”

An alumni from the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, Koscheck has over the years transformed himself from a one dimensional wrestler to an all-around mixed martial artist. He believes the best version of Josh Koscheck yet will be on display when he and St. Pierre lock horns for the second time.

“The evolution of Josh Koscheck as a fighter has definitely come 360,” he said. “I’m the type of person who doesn’t try to look past the opportunity that I have today to become a better fighter. This Josh Koscheck now, 2010, he knows a lot more about fighting.”

Koscheck and St. Pierre will square off this December 11th at UFC 124: St. Pierre vs. Koscheck 2, and Koscheck is fully confident that his ingenuity and newfound tenacity will carry him to victory.

“I haven’t really given it too much thought about the fact that there’s pressure on Josh Koscheck. One of the things that I’ve been good at my whole career is finding a away to get what I want. He’s gonna see that December 11th. I’m coming to hurt you and I’m gonna put on a show and I’m gonna come out of there with the victory.”

Got predictions for the fight? Let us know who you think will win between Koscheck and St. Pierre (as well as in other bouts on the card) in the comments section below.