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Dana White Says Lightweights Now Fighting For Their Jobs

With the UFC’s absorption of the WEC and their fighters, room on the Zuffa ship got drastically reduced. The UFC have been quicker to cut fighters who don’t perform up to standard lately, because they now have two new divisions and a whole host of new lightweight fighters to augment the already existing UFC 155-pound weight class. Speaking with, White explained how the lightweight division is now the toughest in the UFC, and the one in which it is easiest for a fighter to lose his job.

“It’s fun, it’s going to be crazy, but that’s what makes for such great fights,” White said of the influx of 155-pounders. “It’s a fun division, I’m actually really excited about it.”

Already one of the sport’s most exciting divisions, White believes that there will continue to be talented lightweights appearing and making their names in the UFC and that the competition will just get stiffer in that weight class.

“There’s a lot of guys coming up that are really talented,” he said. “I think the pool’s just going to keep getting bigger, bigger, and bigger.”

The bottom line according to White is that there are plenty of lightweight fighters ready to replace those on the UFC roster who don’t bring it every time they fight.

“It’s a dog eat dog world,” said White. “There’s so many good guys out there. You’re literally fighting for your UFC life every time you fight.”

What WEC lightweights are you most excited to see compete in the UFC? What lightweight fighters from other organizations would you like to see in the UFC’s lightweight division? Sound off in the comments section.