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Jose Aldo’s Coach: Convincing Aldo To Pull Out Of UFC 125 Was No Easy Task

Unfortunately, it was revealed today that featherweight phenom Jose Aldo would be unable to defend his UFC Featherweight Championship this January 1st at UFC 125 as scheduled, due to a back injury which he sustained in training. Aldo’s Nova Uniao coach Andre Pederneiras spoke with today about the process of preventing Aldo from fighting, as the talented 145-pounder was reluctant to pull out of the bout.

“It was such a really tough task for me to convince him not to fight. He wanted to fight anyway. He was really excited to make his UFC debut, but I told him [fighting] in such a crisis state, he may have really serious problems,” said Pederneiras. “He argued that he wanted to fight anyway, that people would think he was chickening out, but I insisted and convinced him.”

Pederneiras explained to Sherdog that Aldo had been competing with the injury for some time, and that it had only recently gotten to the point where he sought medical diagnosis.

“He’s felt this pain in his right arm for a long time, but you know how the tough guys behave. He just took an anti-inflammatory and kept training,” said Pederneiras. “But during training for his last two fights, it started to be more painful and, even with the medicine, he was complaining. Before we traveled for UFC 123, we went to a doctor and he said that he believed Aldo had some problem in his cervical spine, but he could only confirm after seeing the images from the exam.”

Upon reviewing the results of Aldo’s exam, it was determined that the 24-year old would need to undergo at least one month of physiotherapy in order to correct the compression in his vertebrae. Pederneiras convinced Aldo to put off his title defense to rehab his back, but he told Sherdog that it definitely wasn’t easy.

“It was really hard. It was like hell for me,” said Pederneiras. “He was really disappointed and even cried after we made the decision,” Pederneiras said. “But finally, now we made the right decision. He’ll start physiotherapy and I think, in three months, he can finally make his Octagon debut.”