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Ed Soares Clears Air Around Comments Made To “Rampage” Jackson Post-UFC 123

Manager to some of MMA’s best and brightest, Ed Soares is almost as prominent a figure in MMA as many of his clients and is no stranger to having the spotlight turned in his direction. Following the controversial main event fight between his client Lyoto Machida and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Soares could be seen telling “Rampage” that the judges’ scoring of a split decision in his favor was “bull—.” Soares has taken some criticism for his reaction to Machida’s loss, but he told’s Ariel Helwani during an appearance on The MMA Hour that there is absolutely no bad blood between he and “Rampage” and that he meant no disrespect with his comments.

“I had no idea the camera was on us, and I was just talking to him friend to friend. I thought it was bull—-,” Soares said. “After the fact, I thought about it and felt bad and I apologized to him at the hotel. I thought Lyoto won the fight. He said, ‘You don’t have to apologize to me, man.’ I got mad love for ‘Rampage’, and I think he’s got love for me. We’re friends, and I feel that’s one thing about friends is that you can be honest with each other. By no means did I mean to disrespect him on national television. I had no idea the camera was on, to be honest with you.”

Machida and “Rampage” fought a measured three-rounder that saw both men have their moments. While there are varying opinions on who was the rightful winner of Saturday’s scrap, it can mostly be agreed that the bout was a very close one and that either man could have lost without the decision being an outright robbery. Controversy will exist surrounding this fight, much like it did in the cases of Machida-Rua 1 and Penn-Edgar 1. The difference between this bout and those is that this one was not for a title and therefore it is unlikely that an immediate rematch will be scheduled. “Rampage” will move slightly higher in the 205-pound division and Machida will descend only a bit; both men remain elite light heavyweights only a relatively short number of successful bouts removed from the title picture.