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Dana White: Referees And Judges Are Killing The Sport

Chute Boxe product Maiquel Falcao came very close to making an impressive UFC debut Saturday night. Taking on rising middleweight Gerald Harris, Falcao showed real promise both in striking and on the ground as he dominated the first two rounds. For whatever reason though, “Big Rig” gave up on all offense in the third and final round, cruising his way to a decision. Though he will be invited back and clearly has promise and talent as a fighter, Falcao did not do much to get on the good graces of UFC President Dana White. Speaking at the UFC 123 post-fight press conference, White gave his opinion on timidity in the Octagon and discussed the role that judges and referees have in preventing it from happening. (Props to Fighters Only for the transcription).

“This isn’t the f–king Ultimate Staring Competition, it’s the Ultimate Fighting Championship,” White said. “I’ll take a guy who loses a dog fight any day of the week over a guy who stares at somebody for 5 f–king minutes.”

White took aim at referees who don’t offer warning or take points from fighters who are unwilling to engage, even though this is an infraction clearly defined in the unified rules of mixed martial arts.

“Dan Miragliotta is a super nice guy, but you don’t just let two guys stare at each other. You start warning and then you start taking away points,” he said. “The referee is in there for the safety of the fighters to enforce the rules and regulations. And one of the rules and regulations is when guys aren’t fighting you make them f–king fight. If they don’t fight, you take points away. Those are the rules. These referees and judges got to start reading the f–king rule books man. They really do. They’re killing this thing.”

Do you agree with White’s sentiment on judging and refereeing in MMA? Get your opinion off of your chest in the comments section.