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Shane Carwin’s Twitter Causes Ruckus

Proving again how quickly the MMA world is to jump to conclusions, a couple of seemingly facetious messages posted to UFC heavyweight contender Shane Carwin’s Twitter account had some speculating that Carwin’s relationship with the UFC was on the rocks and others warning the Greg Jackson-trained slugger against provoking the UFC.

The first message Carwin posted indicated that he had been blocked from following the UFC on Twitter: “wow @UFC’Could not follow user:You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user.’ Is this your fired?”

His second message requested from his Twitter followers the number of Strikeforce promoter Scott Coker: “right this is an unfollow and a block. Does anyone know scott cokers number?”

Shortly after, Carwin was unblocked by the UFC (likely because it was a mistake he was blocked in the first place) and posted this message to his Twitter account: “Attention ‘Media': The UFC has unblocked me. potential headline ‘UFC and Shane Carwin Amend Relations, is World Peace Next?'”

Carwin and the UFC were at odds recently over the banning of Carwin’s sponsor Good4UDrinks from UFC events. Whether there is still tension between Carwin and the UFC over the sponsorship issue is unknown, but at the end of the day Carwin will still be competing in the Octagon and that’s all that really matters.