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UFC 123: George Sotiropoulos Vs. Joe Lauzon

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 123: Rampage vs. Machida. To access our full coverage, click here.

Mark Fennel is the third man in the cage for this bout.

Round 1: They touch gloves to get it started. Lauzon looks good in delivering a couple of solid right hands. Sots tries to clinch but Lauzon breaks, landing another nice right. Sots with a good combination. Sots drops for a single leg and Lauzon defends. Lauzon landing much more often than Sots when they exchange. He avoids another takedown and lands with a one-two. Sots looks to put some punches together and then drops for a takedown. Lauzon avoids and hammers away with chopping elbows to an attacking Sotiropoulos. Lauzon pushes him off and they reset in the middle. Lauzon lands with punches and then tries for the Muay Thai plum, grabbing it but getting clipped in the process. Lauzon bullrushes Sots and Sots pulls guard. He reverses but then so does Lauzon, ending up on in Sotiroplos’ half guard. They scramble but Lauzon remains on top. Sots gets a single leg and Lauzon uses Butterfly guard to kick him off. Sots is looking for Lauzon’s back off of a scramble, he ends up in north-south. Sotiropoulos is smothering Lauzon from on top, establishing mount with ten seconds to go. When Sotiopoulos rolls for an arm, Lauzon gets free and lands with some elbows to close the round. Great round. scores the round 10-9 for Lauzon

Round 2: Lauzon looking a bit less explosive this round, but still avoids a takedown attempt from Sotiropoulos. They fight for position on the fence, with Sotiropoulos pressing for the takedown. Lauzon avoids, but Sotiropoulos is starting to take the edge in the stand up. Sots gets the Muay Thai clinch and tees off with knees. They hit the ground with Sots on top in north-south and Lauzon’s right arm trapped. Sotiropoulos looks for the armbar but doesn’t set it up properly and Lauzon gets out. Sotiropoulos stays on him though, and forces the tap with a kimura shortly after.

George Sotiriopoulos defeated Joe Lauzon via submission at 2:43 of round 2.