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“Rampage” Jackson Afraid MMA Will Get Boring

Count PRIDE FC veteran and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson among those in the MMA community upset at the growing trend of “point fighting” in MMA.

Speaking during the UFC 123 pre-fight press conference, Jackson expressed his fear that the sort of conservative approach (that is, to control a fight without taking risk seeking a decision win as opposed to taking risks and looking to end a fight) that some of his peers have adopted could turn interest off of MMA; much in the same fashion that a similar fighting approach drove fans away from boxing.

“I feel that boxing has become very boring,” Jackson said. “And (now) too many (MMA) fighters (are) coming up with these crazy game plans and just fighting for points. I hate to see this sport turn itself into boxing. No one is even hitting the canvas these days. (Guys are) just trying to win by points. I just feel like, I like to have fights.”

Jackson takes on Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida, a fighter criticized in the past for having a decision-prone style, this weekend in the main event of UFC 123 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The Memphis native has said that he will be fighting for honor Saturday night, and that he will be looking to return to his PRIDE-days in looking for a big finish over Machida.