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Wanderlei Silva Being Sued By Former Conditioning Coach

MMA legend Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva is currently rehabbing a knee injury which required surgery and the Brazilian bruiser has been making all kinds of predictions for his comeback fight, though his next battle may end up happening in a courtroom.

It is being reported that Silva’s former conditioning coach Rafael Alejarra is currently setting in motion judicial proceedings aimed at getting money from Silva which Alejarra feels he his owed. Speaking with Brazilian news site (props to Fighters Only for the translation), Silva explained that the lawsuit came as a surprise to him and that he feels rather distressed by Alejarra’s actions.

“I feel I have been betrayed. He always had the dream to come to USA. He came and I lodged him in my house because he had no place to stay in. I always said good words about him to other athletes. What do I make of this? I was surprised of course,” Silva said.

Silva brought Alejarra with him to the United States from Brazil when he set out to open his own training gym and, according to Fighters Only, the two parted ways when Alejarra began butting heads with other coaches on the staff. The real reason behind the friction between the two may remain buried as “The Axe Murderer” explained that he cannot go into detail currently over the lawsuit.

“I even don’t know whether I can comment the case publicly so I will explain the reason for the proceedings only later,” he said.

Having helped him through a significant portion of his career, Silva considered Alejarra a good friend despite their recent differences (which led to Alejarra opening his own gym) and is upset over the implications of Alejarra’s actions, not over the money in question.

“The worst thing is the disappointment, the problem isn’t the money. Money isn’t all in life. I felt like I was stabbed on the back. He was my personal friend and confidant.”