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Official UFC Scale Has Penn At 170-Pounds

Below is a video that former UFC Lightweight and Welterweight Champion BJ “The Prodigy” Penn posted to his personal website,, depicting UFC “babysitter to the stars” Burt Watson taking his weight on the official scale for UFC 123. Penn indicated in an interview with Joe Rogan during last weekend’s UFC 122 broadcast (and again during the video below) that he weighed around 165-pounds, well under the welterweight non-title fight limit of 171-pounds. The fact that “The Prodigy” weighed so low surprised many, as the Hilo, Hawaii native will likely be giving up somewhere between fifteen and twenty pounds on fight night to his opponent Matt Hughes, who regularly cuts from around 185-pounds to make weight for a fight.

Whether or not it is Penn’s scale or the official scale that is inaccurate will likely remain unclear and either way “The Prodigy” will be lighter than Hughes on fight night; but, as we’ve seen before, five-six pounds can make a big difference when fighting at the highest level in mixed martial arts.

Do you think Hughes’ weight advantage gives him a clear-cut edge over Penn? Let us know how you think the weight difference will affect the fight in the comments section.