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UFC 122: Duane Ludwig Vs. Nick Osipczak

The following is from our ongoing live coverage for UFC 122: Marquardt vs. Okami. To access our full coverage check the main page.

Round 1: Osipczak with a leg kick to start. Ludwig looking to counter. They trade high kicks. Osipczak going low again with a kick. They trade kicks and Ludwig scores with a high kick. They clinch against the fence. Osipczak pressing Ludwig against the fence and scoring with knees. He tries for a takedown but Ludwig avoids and starts teeing off. Ludwig connecting with punches and kicks that have Osipczak backpedaling. Osipczak with a couple of nice rights. Ludwig landing frequently. Osipczak drops Ludwig. He’s all over him, Ludwig is mounted against the fence. He’s looking to scramble, he’s started bleeding. Ludwig gets to his feet and Osipczak gets him right back down. Ludwig is cut open over the right eye. Osipczak in Ludwig’s guard, not much action to close the round until Osipczak scores with an elbow. scores the round 10-9 for Osipczak

Round 2: They trade low kicks to start. Osipczak with a body kick. They trade punches. Both men seem a bit more tentative. Ludwig scores with a good kick and follow up punch combo. Good leg kick from Osipczak. Ludwig flicking kicks out and Osipczak looking to counter. Good left from Ludwig. They clinch and it’s Ludwig against the fence. Good left from Osipczak. Ludwig putting some decent punches together. He scores with a pair of body kicks. Ludwig checks a kick. Osipczak with a takedown. “Bang” is active from the bottom, but Osipczak is pressing him against the cage. The ref stands them up with :20 to go. Ludwig shoots for a takedown but is unable to complete. scores the round 10-9 for Osipczak

Round 3: A stutter start as Osipczak’s corner neglects to put in his mouth piece. They clinch against the fence, Osipczak drops for a single. Ludwig avoids. Ludwig with a nice body kick. Osipczak looking a bit slower than in the first two rounds, he looks to tie it up but can’t hold Ludwig for long. Ludwig scoring with punch combos. Nice body shot from Ludwig. Nice head kick that is blocked by Osipczak. Ludwig is pressing forward more and Osipczak continually trying to tie him up or walk away. He fires a head kick that is blocked. Joe Rogan speculates that Osipczak may have been injured at some point. Good knee by Ludwig, but he just can’t finish him. Osipczak is having a hard time standing but Ludwig still can’t put him away. Osipczak with a body kick. Ludwig fires back with a leg kick. Then a nice head kick. Ludwig goes for a takedown that he finishes after the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Ludwig

Duane Ludwig defeated Nick Osipczak via plit decision (28-30, 29-28, 29-28)