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Alan Belcher Wants Tandem Comeback Fight With Wanderlei Silva

UFC middleweight fighter Alan “The Talent” Belcher has been out of action since early May of this year; his layoff mandated after suffering a career-threatening retina detachment in training. Two surgeries and several tense months later, Belcher is regaining health and preparing to make his comeback–a comeback for which he has laid big plans.

“I want to fight Wanderlei Silva,” Belcher recently told “And I think he needs to fight someone like me, a top young guy, to really stay in the mix. He needs to do that to stay a legit fighter and not just a legend selling pay-per-views because he has a name. He has to fight me to stay up there.”

Holding a 16-6 overall record, Belcher sees a potential bout with Wanderlei Silva as a means to raise his status in the middleweight division as well as to inherit a legendary mantle.

“I think a passing of the torch is the perfect way to put it,” he said. “I feel I’m better than him. Wanderlei definitely poses a threat because he hits hard, is aggressive and has good conitioning, but at this point, I am more technical, well-rounded and I can beat him in any part of the game. I’m not saying it will be an easy fight, but I believe I can beat him and I’m ready to let the fans see what they want to see and prove that I’m that caliber. I want to make myself a legend off of this fight.”

Belcher revealed his pitch for hyping the bout, which included monitoring both fighters’ respective comebacks (Silva has been rehabbing a knee injury which required surgery) while having them serve as opposing coaches on a season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show.

The Mississippi-based fighter acknowledged that Silva may perceive his proposal as a measure intended to show disrespect, but he explained that he is intrigued by the bout out of Silva’s legendary status and respectable skills.

“He’s somebody I’ve wanted to fight for a long time,” said Belcher. “I’ve always wanted to sneak my way in there against him. I didn’t have the name before. Wanderlei is a legend. I think now I have a big enough name. This is the right thing to do at this point. When I come back, I’m going be one of the top contenders. It’s the right fight for the fans, the right fight for my career, the right fight for the rankings and the show. I want to beat a legend and get to the top.”

What do you think about Belcher’s proposal? Would you like to see a fight between “The Talent” and “The Axe Murderer?” Let us know you think in the comments section below.