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Roy Nelson Unhappy With Media Slamming Brock Lesnar

As we noted last week, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has expressed interest in a fight with fellow UFC heavyweight Roy “Big Country” Nelson. Apparently, Lesnar sees Nelson as a real challenge and is looking to test himself in his first fight back after losing his title to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121.

Lesnar received some flack from the MMA community for expressing his desire to fight Nelson, something that Nelson took offense to in an interview with Duane Finley of Blood Elbow.

“Brock is getting slack for asking to fight me because people think he should get a rematch,” said Nelson. “I don’t know if the powers that be want to see otherwise but it really just comes down to the MMA media wanting hits on their website by taking shots at Brock. You would never see anyone of these writers ask Brock to his face why he balls up when he gets punched just as you wouldn’t see them asking me why I’m considered as a lackluster challenge for him.

“In a sense it’s just like when Fedor lost. As soon as he was defeated here came the storm of how he is washed up and done for…Dana White even did it. At the end of the day you are going to win some and lose some but the marker of a champion is how many times you can get back up. I think it’s great that Brock wants to fight me. It would be a great matchup and I believe the fans want to see it so let’s make it happen.”

Nelson went on to note that a fight with Lesnar is interesting to him, and was excited about the challenge.

“Fighting Brock is interesting to me because he is the longest reigning heavyweight champion in UFC history,” he said. “He held the belt longer than Randy Couture and I’m not sure about the number of defenses but when you fight once a year you will be able to hold that title for awhile. It’s easy to hold a belt if you do that way rather than fight three or four times but I have to give it to him for holding the title as long as he did.”

The Ultimate Fighter season ten winner was originally scheduled to face Shane Carwin at UFC 125, however Carwin had to withdraw from the fight with a back injury. Nelson joked that being pulled from the card was a blessing in disguise, and plans to use the time off to rehab his knee.

“I think being pulled off of UFC 125 is a benefit for me because I can rehab my knee and get everything back to normal,” he stated. “Maybe I’ll go on tour… like a Nutrabolics tour or something like that after surgery but I’m not sure yet.”

Who do you think would win a potential Lesnar – Nelson bout? Let us know in our ‘Comments’ section below.