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Vitor Belfort Not Taking Wanderlei Silva’s Fight Assessment Seriously

Never one to hide his emotions, Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva is no stranger to conflict with some of his MMA peers. Causing some tension with former opponent and fellow Brazilian Vitor Belfort recently was Silva’s prediction for “The Phenom’s” upcoming title shot against champion Anderson Silva. “The Axe Murderer” picked his old Chute Boxe teammate Silva to win handily and even questioned Belfort’s courage in the face of the great test that is Anderson Silva. Speaking with after getting wind of Wanderlei’s prediction, Belfort brushed off anything Silva said for being inconsequential. Props to Fighters Only for the find.

“I didn’t waste my time watching it,” Belfort said of Silva’s video predictions. “It’s just a spectator’s opinion. Spectators can say whatever they want. He just wanted to get some attention for himself. I don’t take it seriously.”

For his part, Belfort believes he will be well-prepared to face the champ and truly believes that his skills will present problems for Silva; despite his well-deserved fearsome reputation.

“I will use my best characteristic – that is trading hits, boxing,” said Belfort. “It’s going to be a great test to strike with him. This is my job, right? I’m training Muay Thai a lot with a world champion and my karate coach is coming next month. I’ll be ready when I get there, you can be sure.”

Do you agree with “The Axe Murderer?” Will Belfort prove too much for Silva or will “The Spider” hang onto his belt for another record-breaking title defense? Let us know what you think in the comments section.