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Cain Velasquez Reflects On Big Title Win

Newly crowned UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez defeated one of the baddest men on the planet to capture the title. Velasquez not only defeated but dominated former champion Brock Lesnar before earning a well-deserved TKO stoppage within the first round. Velasquez has always been motivated by capturing the title and is pleased with the fact that he has and the manner in which he did, but he knows that the hardest work comes in defending his recently acquired belt.

“It feels great but now the hard works has started,” Velasquez said in a recent interview with MMA Digest. “We’ve got to get ready for all the guys who are coming after me. We definitely have a tough task of just getting ready for those tougher guys.”

Reflecting on his impressive win over Lesnar, Velasquez revealed that the fervor with which Lesnar initiated the fight momentarily caught him off-guard.

“I knew he was going to come out with a lot of pressure but it surprised me how much pressure he came out with,” he said. “He ran towards me and was throwing with everything he could. That definitely did surprise me.”

The American Kickboxing Academy standout wasn’t thrown off for long though, as he told MMA Digest that he felt the momentum sway in his favor after securing an early takedown on his much larger opponent.

“For me, the turning point was when I got that takedown on him,” Velasquez said. “I was able to keep good control for a little bit, throw some punches here–I felt that to be the turning point of the fight.”

Velasquez knows, with bruisers like Junior dos Santos waiting in line to attempt to take his belt, that his stiffest tests still await. However, acknowledging that fact and keeping in mind the motivations that have gotten him this far will make Velasquez a difficult champion to dethrone.

“It’s gonna be tough defending it but I plan on holding this belt for awhile,” Velasquez asserted. “That’s the whole reason why I got in this sport, to get this belt and hold onto it for years.”

Do you foresee Velasquez managing to put together a lengthy title reign in one of the UFC’s most volatile divisions? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.