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Georges St. Pierre Breaks Down Hardy Vs. Condit

In a recent issue of Men’s Fitness, UFC welterweight champion and pound-for-pound great Georges “Rush” St. Pierre technically assessed the mid October match up between former opponent Dan Hardy and teammate Carlos Condit. The fight was entertaining for as long as it lasted; as Condit knocked Hardy out cold in the first round after the two traded left hooks. St. Pierre, who fought Hardy to a unanimous decision win back in March, believes both fighters took unnecessary risk by exchanging punches and thinks that the fight could have gone either way because they did. Props to Fighters Only for the find.

“I think Hardy made a mistake,” St. Pierre asserted. “He wanted to swing too hard, to make the crowd happy, you know? He came in very wild. When you stay in the middle and exchange, it’s like flipping a coin.”

“Rush” went as far as saying that it could have been Condit laying sprawled out on the mat, were it Hardy’s punch that connected first.

“Not many people realise that if the punch had been a split second later, it would have been the other way around, Hardy would have knocked out Condit,” he said. “They both connected but one connected a little bit before the other. It’s risky to exchange in the middle like this – you need to cut angles and change levels. It’s about hitting and not getting hit.”

Despite having two losses in a row now, St. Pierre still believes that Dan Hardy is one of the best fighters in the welterweight division and, had the timing been slightly different, that “The Outlaw” would have been the one adding another knockout win to his record.

“I think Hardy’s still one of the best, it was just a mistake,” St. Pierre said. “Half a second’s difference and the result would have been the other way around.”

What do you think of St. Pierre’s assessment? Was Condit a split-second away from going to sleep? Let us know in the comments section below.