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Nate Marquardt Says Chael Sonnen Is Owed The Benefit Of The Doubt

Former number one UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen has defied of late the brash and very outspoken persona he adopted prior to a UFC 117 title fight against Anderson Silva. Sonnen has receded from the media’s eye in the wake of his failed UFC 117 pre-fight drug screening, which indicated that he had been using performance enhancing drugs. Sonnen is set to appeal the test results at a meeting with the California State Athletic Commission this December and his middleweight peer and former opponent Nate Marquardt has implored fans and pundit not to rush to Sonnen’s judgement until all of the facts have surfaced.

“Until they’ve seen the test results and have researched it and know what they’re talking about, they should probably just [wait and] listen to what [Chael has to say],” said Marquardt on a recent edition of’s Bum Rush Radio Show.

Sonnen defeated Marquardt via unanimous decision back at UFC 109 in February, but “The Great” isn’t looking to blame his loss on Sonnen’s possible PED usage. Marquardt has faced suspension due to a failed PED test himself, popping positive after his Ultimate Fight Night 1 victory over Ivan Salaverry. Having always maintained that his positive test was the result of tainted nutritional supplements, Marquardt believes Sonnen is owed the benefit of the doubt.

“I don’t know. I didn’t see the results of the test, so I can’t even comment, to be honest,” said Marquardt. “Who knows? Obviously it was a banned substance that was in his system or it was over the limit or however it was, but either way he’ll be punished for having that in his system. At the same time it doesn’t mean he was trying to cheat. It could have been several things. It could have been an over-the-counter medicine or a supplement he was taking that made him test positive.”

What do you think of Marquardt’s defense of Sonnen? Do you think he or Sonnen attempted to gain unfair advantage, or were they victims of unregulated nutritional supplements? Let us know in the comments section below.