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Urijah Faber Says He’s Been Pushing For The UFC/WEC Merger “For A Long Time”

Eclipsing most every other story to emerge last week in the MMA world was Thursday’s announcement of the impending UFC-WEC merger. Many have begun speculating on the long term implications of the merger as well as positing intriguing match ups between the two promotion’s best fighters.’s Josh Gross spoke with the promotion-on-borrowed-time’s long-running promotional poster boy Urijah Faber to get his take on the merger.

“This is something I’ve been pushing for a long time,” said Faber.

Faber, former WEC featherweight champ and hyper-popular featherweight-turned-bantamweight fighter, has long expressed his interest in moving up to the UFC’s lightweight division (before losing his belt and dropping a weight class) and told Gross, “I felt like if I was doing all the same work in the UFC as I was in the WEC, I would be getting even more benefits out of it.”

“Understanding how the business side of this thing works, it was kind of frustrating putting all my best fights on something that wasn’t, according to people who didn’t really know, on the highest level because of a few initials,” he continued. “To get that across to the rest of the world is pretty exciting.”

The WEC has proven time and again that the immensely talented fighters on its roster bring it every time out and never fail to entertain. Bringing them into the UFC fold not only will give them the hype and exposure they deserve but will also lend a breath of fresh air to the UFC.