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Winners Of Upcoming WEC/UFC Lightweight Title Fights To Face Off

The news of an impending UFC-WEC merger was announced this afternoon by UFC President Dana White during a media conference call and as the day has progressed the MMA community has already gotten a glimpse of the doors opened by the merger. One such glimpse came via the official UFC Twitter account, where today it was announced that the winner of the upcoming WEC lightweight title fight between champ Ben Henderson and challenger Anthony Pettis would be granted a shot at the winner of the upcoming UFC lightweight title fight between champ Frankie Edgar and challenger Gray Maynard.

As it was posted: “@UFC: Winner of Henderson/Pettis on 12/16 will face the winner of Maynard/Edgar in a unified title fight”

Benson “Smooth” Henderson has held his WEC title over one successful defense and he held the WEC Interim Lightweight Championship before winning the actual championship from Jamie Varner. UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar matches Henderson’s tenure as champion as he successfully defended his belt against BJ Penn, the same man that he initially defeated to win the belt.

The two are set to defend their respective belts in the coming months, with Henderson up first at WEC 53 on December 16th and Edgar less than a month later at UFC 125 on January 1st. The winner of the eventual champion vs. champion bout will be awarded the Unified UFC Lightweight Championship.