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Dana White: “Let’s Not Be Fake And Phony”

UFC President Dana White recently gave an interview to DUB magazine in which he spoke to his brash, no-holds-barred attitude and way of doing business. The foul-mouthed UFC head is known for cutting to the chase and holding nothing back in expressing his opinion and he told DUB that he conducts himself the way he does out of concern for honesty.

“It’s honest. We watch sports and politics and the guy is up there reading some canned statement that his attorney wrote, and you know he’s f***ing lying,” said White. “You know what he’s saying is bulls**t, or he’s being PC. I don’t have to be that. This is the fight business. I don’t run Microsoft or GE. My style is aggressive toward my competitors, but isn’t that what it’s supposed to be like?”

White asserted that he is living his life on his own terms and not out of concern for making anyone comfortable.

“It’s not that I don’t have to be; I don’t want to be,” he said. “I don’t want to wear a suit to every f***ing meeting. I don’t want to not swear. We’re all grown-ups here. Like you’ve never heard ‘f***’ before? Let’s not be fake and phony—I won’t do it.”

The self-made businessman revealed that his life philosophy centers around the pursuit of self-fulfillment by one’s own standards; he said that he feels success cannot be measured in monetary terms or by larger society’s standards.

“Growing up, your mom and your dad say, ‘If you don’t go to college, you’re never going to amount to anything,'” White said. “I don’t believe in any of that. If you go to college, I have nothing but respect for that. You should be as smart as you can possibly be and learn everything. But, on the flipside, not everyone is a college person. The reality is, I think you have to find whatever it is you love to do. S**t that you would get out of bed every morning and do for free. Don’t think about the money; money is a tool to have fun. If you look at it any other way, you’re f***ed up. Don’t go chasing money – chase your f***ing dream.”