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Todd Duffee Defends Brock Lesnar Against His Critics

Recent UFC castoff Todd Duffee recently took to the famed The Underground forum recently to mount a defense for recently dethroned UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, who lost his belt over the weekend to hungry challenger Cain Velasquez.

“I do not understand why people think if he loses his next fight he will walk away? I am not a fan nor do I hate the guy I think he has been very beneficial for the sport of MMA and has earned his place with in the sport,” Duffee wrote.

Duffee, who was regarded as the next big thing at heavyweight before succumbing to a surprise knockout to Mike Russow this past May at UFC 114, responded to Lesnar’s critics by pointing to the attention he has brought to the sport and the fact that Lesnar is a dedicated competitor as reasons that the former champ still deserves everyone’s respect.

“It just bothers me that people tear this guy down so much when he clearly is dedicated and has the tools to be great,” he posted. “I honestly was rooting for Cain (underdog shake up the division sounded fun) but the hate that Brock has received is mind boggling and sickening. Can’t we just be happy he went out an bared his soul in front of the whole world after committing his entire life to that moment against Cain for four months prior? I don’t get it any more the dude deserves everyone’s respect whether you like him or not.”