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UFC 121: Brock Lesnar Vs. Cain Velasquez

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 121: Lesnar vs. Velasquez. To access our full coverage, click here.

For the UFC Heavyweight Championship

Velasquez takes a page from Sanchez’s book and enters to more mariachi music looking as calm and intense as ever. The boos rain down before “Enter Sandman” even starts playing. A bearded and very viking-like Lesnar walks to the cage looking pretty fired up, even shoving a security guard out of his way at one point. Herb Dean will oversee this title fight.

Round 1: Lesnar bulls Velasquez immediately, even throwing a flying knee at one point. Lesnar lands a big takedown after some bried striking exchanges. Velasquez gets back to his feet but Lesnar is holding him against the cage. Lesnar dumps Velasquez but he gets right back up to his feet and spins away. Lesnar lands with a few nice punches. Velasquewz goes for a takedown of his own and gets Lesnar to the mat. Lesnar gets to his feet but Velasquez is still on him. Velasquez rocks Lesnar, he travels across the cage and Velasquez stays on him, dropping him to the ground. Velasquezis standing over Lesnar dropping punches and Lesnar is looking to hold on. Velasquez is sitting on Lesnar’s belly dropping down punches, but taking his time. Lesnar gets to his feet and fails on a takedown. Velasquez puts him right back down with punches and stays on top of him until Dean stops it. A cut and bloodied Lesnar takes the stool.

Cain Velasquez defeated Brock Lesnar via TKO at 4:12 of Round 1.

Velasquez says that he expected Lesnar to come out guns blazing and that he was ready all along. A smiling Lesnar speaks with Rogan following the fight, saying that he expected nothing less from Velasquez. He makes no excuses, congratulates his opponent for being the better man and comes off looking classier than ever.