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UFC 121: Brendan Schaub Vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 121: Lesnar vs. Velasquez. To access our full coverage, click here.

Gonzaga walks out looking focused and determined. Schaub, walking out to Eminem, looks a bit nervous but fired up nonetheless. Jason Herzog will ref the main card opener.

Round 1: They touch gloves and stick to the middle of the cage, testing the waters. Schaub scores first with a right and Gonzaga slams a leg kick into his thigh for the effort. Schaub looking a bit jumpy. Schaub showing a precise jab. Schaub nails Gonzaga with a right hand after scooping up a leg kick. Schaub scores with another right that snaps Gonzaga’s head. Schaub finding his range it seems. Schaub hanging his left hand low but making it work. Schaub tagging Gonzaga up as he comes in looking to strike. Gonzaga tries a head kick that is blocked. Gonzaga with a nice leg kick. Gonzaga tries and fails on a takedown. Schaub with a nice one-two. And a stiff follow up jab. Schaub showing more fluid movement here than Gonzaga and he’s landing more frequently. Gonzaga really trying for the left head kick. THey exchange a few and Schaub wins it with a stiff right that wobbles Gonzaga. Schaub pouring it on at the end, Gonzaga hits the canvas at the bell. Great round for Schaub. scores the round 10-9 for Schaub

Round 2: Gonzaga’s corner advised him to take the fight to the ground. Gonzaga lands a solid leg kick and Schaub tries to push forward. Gonzaga with another big leg kick. Gonzaga falls off balance after Schaub checks a leg kick. Schaub makes him pay for it, landing some nice punches as Gonzaga gets back to his feet. Schaub is keeping Gonzaga on his heels with solid combinations. Gonzaga with a nice inside leg kick. Schaub has Gonzaga against the fence and is scoring with big punches to the head and body. He punctuates the onslaught with a knee to the body. The two have slowed a bit but it’s still Schaub getting to the punch first. Gonzaga whiffs on a head kick. Schaub lands a nice one-two to top the round. scores the round 10-9 for Gonzaga

Round 3: They touch gloves to start the last round. Schaub tries first with a straight right that Gonzaga avoids. Gonzaga looking to land some punches. Schaub tries for a takedown and Gonzaga shows a perfect sprawl in avoiding it. Gonzaga is still having a hard time landing on the more mobile Schaub. Schaub is landing frequently with his jab. Gonzaga with a kick to the body. The action has slowed but Schaub is still keeping Gonzaga frustrated with his movement and stiff one-two. Temporary pause for a low blow but they get right back to it. Gonzaga not looking for new ways to win, Schaub seems on his way to winning this one. The crowd lets the fighters know they don’t appreciate the slowed pace. Gonzaga with a stiff left hand. Schaub pours it on for the last few moments and goes for a takedown that is stuffed. scores the round 10-9 for Schaub

Brendan Schaub defeated Gabriel Gonzaga via unanimous decision (30-27 across the board)