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Dana White: Teammates Who Won’t Fight Are Scared Of Losing

UFC President Dana White has many times made his stance on in-camp fighting clear. White has called out fighters in both the American Kickboxing Academy and Greg Jackson camps who are in the same weight class for being unwilling to fight each other. During a recent appearance on the Jim Rome show, White relayed what he believes is the real reason why many fighters in the same camp are against squaring off in the cage.

“The bottom line is, and the way that that’s been in the UFC, it’s been a camp thing,” said White. “You’ll find a couple of camps that are saying, ‘Oh no, this guy’s my friend, I’m not fighting him.’ – What? This isn’t personal, this isn’t, ‘oh I hate him, I’m going to fight him.'”

White expressed bewilderment that fighters who are in the game to test themselves and establish a legacy are somehow not willing to prove themselves against another top fighter in their weight class because they train together.

“You train, you work hard to be the best mixed martial artist you can be, and you’re going out to compete against other mixed martial artists to prove you’re the best,” he said.

What the UFC boss really thinks is behind these fighters being opposed to facing off is that they have trained together and they believe that they already know who would win; White believes fear is motivating some fighters not to fight their teammates.

“Me personally, what I think, is when one guy says, ‘Oh, he’s my friend I won’t fight him,’ that means, ‘I train with this guy and this guy’s probably going to kick my ass,’” White asserted. “That’s what I get out of that – ‘I’m not confident enough to fight this guy.’”