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Dana White To Frank Shamrock: “You’re A Liar And A Two-Faced Chump”

During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour with host Ariel Helwani, mixed martial arts pioneer Frank Shamrock asserted that Dana White and his brashness are partly (if not wholly) responsible for MMA’s uphill battle for legalization in the state of New York. Shamrock had nothing good to say about the UFC’s head honcho during his appearance and for it, he unsurprisingly drew the promoter’s ire.

“Frank Shamrock’s an irrelevant idiot,” White told Fight! Magazine after the UFC 121 pre-fight press conference. “So, no I don’t think [we’ll work together to get MMA legalized in New York]. This guy is the biggest two-faced jerk off that I’ve ever met in my life. What Frank Shamrock doesn’t talk about is how he flew out to my office last month and tried to make up and make everything alright. Hey Frank, you’re a liar and a two-faced chump.”

White was pressed by Helwani in a separate interview to respond to Shamrock’s comments and after firing off a similar statement to the one he gave Fight! Magazine, White sent another direct message to Shamrock.

“What have you done for mixed martial arts in the last ten years? You’re just a liar and a guy who’s trying to stay relevant,” White said.

Shamrock became the first ever UFC light heavyweight champion back in 1997 with a win over Kevin Jackson. Shamrock would defend the belt four times, giving the title up after an amazing fight with Tito Ortiz in favor of a proposed retirement. Shamrock has claimed that he retired to get out of the UFC’s increasingly more strict contract and he has made enemies with Dana White over the years by speaking out against the UFC for a variety of perceived infractions.