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Dana White Calls Out Greg Jackson Camp And AKA, Praises Carlos Condit

UFC president Dana White reiterated his stance on teammates fighting teammates this weekend at the UFC 120 post-fight press conference when he literally applauded Carlos Condit’s assertion that he would be willing to fight teammate and welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre should the opportunity arise. White spoke with Fighters Only recently where he heaped additional praise on Condit (who is fresh off of a spectacular knockout win over Dan Hardy) and reaffirmed his desire to see a willingness to fight between campmates.

“I love that, I respect that, that’s the way it is supposed to be,” White said of Condit’s reaction to a proposed title shot against GSP. “When you are an up-and-coming fighter it doesn’t matter what camp you are from, who you train with, who your buddy is. It’s not personal, it’s business. You should always be looking to test yourself and see if you are the best fighter in the world.”

The outspoken UFC boss called out two of the most successful and prominent MMA teams for housing fighters that are adamantly opposed to fighting each other.

“We have problems with that out of the Greg Jackson camp and AKA, it drives me nuts,” White said. “So it’s refreshing to hear a kid like Carlos Condit say, ‘love Georges St. Pierre he is a great guy, but I would love to have his title, I’d fight him.’ I guarantee you George St Pierre respects that too; you think George St Pierre is saying ‘Condit shouldn’t want to fight me because we are from the same camp?’ Hell no.”

When asked how teams should propose to work out the tricky cornerman and training camp issues that inevitably arise when in-camp matches are made, White said that those things are merely details; details that would be easier to work out than they seem.

“George St. Pierre will fight Carlos Condit and they can figure out the politics in the gym, who corners who,” he said. “Maybe GSP trains up in Montreal and some of that camp come with him and the other guys stay in New Mexico.”