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Randy Couture Says “It’s Probably Time To Move On From Fighting”

UFC Hall of Famer Randy “The Natural” Couture admitted to Fighter’s Only Magazine that his days as a fighter are probably coming to an end. Couture is gearing up to start shooting the sequel of The Expendables in March of 2011, and admitted that he wasn’t sure of his future inside the cage.

“I don’t know what is gonna happen on the fight front,” Couture said. “I have had my wars, done my thing. I’ve been having fun, I can still fight, but I am not sure I want to make another run at the title or anything like that.”

Couture is fresh off of a victory over boxing champion James Toney at UFC 118 last August. The 47-year old multiple-division, multiple-time champion admitted that while he still enjoys the sport, he would like to diversify the roles that are coming his way in Hollywood.

“I enjoy the sport, I enjoy fighting, but its probably time to move on,” he admitted. “I hope to diversify [my roles], I would like to try a little bit of everything, we’ll see. Its a fickle business, so you never know what is going to happen.”