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Brock Lesnar Ready To Combat Cain’s Cardio

Brock Lesnar is not ready to give up his UFC heavyweight belt and he is doing everything within his power to ensure that hungry challenger Cain Velasquez doesn’t take it from him. During a recent media conference call in promotion of the event, Lesnar discussed his take on the bout and how his evolution as a mixed martial artist will impact the fight.

“Everything is in line,” Lesnar, who is said to currently weigh much closer to 265 pounds than his normal 280 pounds, said. “Right now, I’m as lean as I’ve ever been. A lot of guys always say they’ve had a good camp before a fight, but in this sport, you have to keep evolving and I’ve gotten better and better. I’m still not there yet, but on Oct. 23, I’m going to be the best I can be.”

One of the loudest story lines preceding this fight has been concerning how Velasquez’s cardio will match up against Lesnar’s cardio, but the champion contends that his cardiovascular conditioning will be in top form come Saturday night and that Velasquez may need another path to victory than attrition.

“You have to come into any title fight ready to go five rounds,” said Lesnar. “I’m training to go 25 minutes, not seven like I did against Shane Carwin, and you have to be. The two things I can control when it comes to Oct. 23 are my conditioning and how well I show up for this fight.”

In addition to being in what he assures is the best physical shape of his life, Lesnar also appears to be in as good spirits as he ever has been (maybe better) in the lead-up to a fight.

“I just feel blessed and honored to be the UFC champion,” said Lesnar. “I’ve had several chances to re-invent myself, and this is one of them. However, there’s no added pressure for me because I’m the champ. I’m just doing what I like to do. The UFC gives people, including me, a chance to get off the street and have a direction in life. To be able to pay the bills and get in the Octagon and do what I like to do … God bless America.”

The champion knows that a stiff test awaits him in Cain Velasquez, one of the new breed of dangerous and well-rounded heavyweight fighters with whom Lesnar knows he must work hard to stay ahead of.

“The way heavyweights are now, you have to train to be the best in all phases of the game,” said Lesnar. “You have to be well-rounded to succeed, and both of us understand that. Cain’s a well-rounded guy who does a lot of things well, but I’m coming to win. He’s facing someone unlike he’s ever faced before. I can’t make any predictions about where the fight will take place, but that’s the beauty of the sport. It’s not just one discipline. I will say this, though. I’m going to take it wherever I need to take it to win.”

Lesnar and Velasquez will square off this weekend at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California in the main event of UFC 121.