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UFC 120: Dan Hardy Vs. Carlos Condit

Carlos Condit not looking to make any friends here, he walks out to the beginning of Jimi Hendrix’s version of the Star Spangled Banner looking focused and determined. Hardy walks out to the cheers and to the song, “Englang Belongs To Me” by Cock Sparrer.

Round 1: Condit lands first with an inside leg kick. The crowd chants, “Hardy!” Hardy with a solid leg kick. Condit returns with an inside leg kick. Hardy with a left hook. Condit showing nice timing, Hardy fighting with more aggression. Condit with a nice counter one-two. Condit with a leg kick. Another. Condit with a one-two head kick that is partially blocked. Condit checking Hardy’s lead leg with his back foot. Hardy with a solid left hook. Hardy tries a head kick and Condit lands a body kick. Condit with a straight right-left hook combo. Condit catches a foot jab from Hardy and kicks him to the back side. Hardy landing with heavy left hooks. He lands another. Condit moves in with a nice combo punctuated by a missed head kick. Hardy lands a nice right and looks to follow up with a left hook, at the same time Condit loads up on a picture perfect left hook of his own. As the two punches connect, Hardy drops to the floor asleep. Condit is still on his feet. Spectacular finish.

Carlos Condit defeated Dan Hardy via knockout (4:27) of Round 1.

Condit is respectful in victory as Hardy is humble in defeat. “The Outlaw” offers, “I got punched in the face” as an explanation of what went wrong.