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UFC 120: Cheick Kongo Vs. Travis Browne

Still no walk out shown. Marc Goddard is the ref for this one.

Round 1: No glove touch between these two. Browne looking for a big shot early, swinging away with bad intentions. Kongo staying patient and looking to pick his shots. Browne rushing forward looking to land, Kong still backing away and taking his time. Browne keeping his hands low and utilizing a jittery, loose style. Inside leg kick by Browne. Kongo pushing forward trying to land and Browne staggers him. They exchange against the cage and Browne buckles Kongo again. Browne establishes the Thai clinch and lands a few solid knees. Browne with a one-two. Browne keeping Kongo honest here. Browne lunges forward with an overhand right. Kongo clinches Browne against the cage. Browne circles away. Browne with a Superman punch and a leg kick. Kongo lands to end the round. scores the round 10-9 for Browne

Round 2: Kongo misses on a leg kick. He lands a one-two that lands solid. Another straight right hand lands solid. Kongo lands a low knee that halts the action. Browne still looking to lunge in with looping shots but Kongo manages to counter with straight punches. Kongo presses Browne against the cage and Browne just shoves him to the ground. Kongo complains of an eye poke that stalls Browne’s follow-up offense. Kongo with a nice combo. He gets Browne against the cage and looks for knees to the leg/body. Browne doing his best to get Kongo off of him but it’s the referee that has to do the job. Now it’s Browne who clinches Kongo against the cage when they restart. Kongo reverses him and continues to land knees to the inside of Browne’s right leg. Browne reverses Kongo now but the ref separates them again. And it’s right back to the cage. Browne gets a takedown at the bell. scores the round 10-10 for Kongo

Round 3: Browne immediately goes for a takedown off of a Kongo leg kick and they just end up against the fence again. Kongo warned for holding Browne’s shorts. Kongo is deducted one point for continually holding onto Browne’s shorts. Now it’s Kongo looking for a takedown. Kongo warned again for holding the shorts. They separate and Kongo lands a leg kick. Kongo moves forward with a jab and a body kick. Goddard has to pull Kongo’s hand off of Browne’s shorts as they clinch against the fence. Goddard separates them again. Browne doing little more than backing up or standing still. Kongo moving forward but not throwing anything, Now he starts to launch some punch offense but as soon as Browne fires back Kongo backs off. Browne lands a weak left hook. They hit the fence again with Kongo looking for a takedown. Goddard forced to move Kongo’s hand again. Browne ends the round with a successful takedown. scores the round 10-10 (10-9 for Browne with Kongo’s point deduction)

Cheick Kongo and Travis Browne fought to a draw (28-28 across the board)